Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dynamic Warm Up

Building a great runner takes much more than simply running. The body must be trained in strength and flexibility in order to maintain proper running form throughout a race.  As  we get tired, our form tends to fall apart, making it even more difficult to generate power and speed.  Every day must include some type of work that helps us prefect our form and ability to maintain speed over distance.
 We will do many types of workouts but  since it's summer and I won't be around all of the time to guide you, I thought we'd borrow some things that have been posted online for free.  The following resources come from the Nike Oregon Project. This is the top elite training group in the USA.  They currently support the 2012 Olympic gold and silver medalists in the 10k as well a many other top US and international athletes.

This is a video of Olympian, Dathan Ritzenehin (2004 10k, 2008 Marathon, 2012 10k) doing the dynamic stretching routine.  A workout sheet with the stretches can be linked to here.

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